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Thinker, Christian, wannabe photographer, amateur writer, traveler and I like to share the things I like with the world. Find all of it here.


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    Lost Schoolgirl (by Jonathan Kos-Read)

    Rural mailbox (by Matt McGee)

    Street Beat (by Joel Bedford)

    Shiny streets: Seattle, from high above on Beacon hill, 12th and 13th floors PAC-MED building,, Washington state, USA (by Wonderlane)

    Wet streets at night (by The World According To Marty)

    Wet Road (by Caza_No_7)

    Calles mojadas… (by yopuz)

    Splashing by Shikhei Goh

    Winner of the 2011 National Geographic Photography Contest

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    Kids in the rain (source:

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